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to the digital abode of the Butler Boys blues band –

From the historically tumultuous lands of New England, this triumvirate of grizzled old players has made it their life’s mission to not only preserve the hallowed traditions of North Mississippi Hill Country, Delta, Texas, Country, and Piedmont Blues but to breathe new life into this timeless music.

The ensemble comprises the musical siblings Kenny Butler (fingerstyle/slide guitar and vocals) and Billy Butler (bass), joined by rhythmical alchemist Gene Guth on drums. With their storied past and unmistakable chemistry, this triumvirate of grizzled old players traverses uncharted realms of the blues, conjuring interpretations of works by illustrious artists such as Charley Patton, Geeshie Wiley, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Blind Boy Fuller, Reverend Gary Davis, Mance Lipscomb, Robert Johnson, and others.

In a testament to their unyielding commitment and relentless pursuit of unbridled creativity within this soul-stirring genre, they continually push the boundaries of what an electric trio can accomplish while remaining faithful to the time-honored roots of the blues.

Kenny Butler (guitar/vocal)
Photo by Ron Mann
Billy Butler (bass/vocal)
Photo by Ron Mann


Billy Butler – steadfast protector of the bottom end

He is the one who delves into the darkest depths of the rhythm, wrestling with the primordial forces that drive the very essence of the blues. Billy, the custodian of the groove, safeguards the rhythmic essence of the music, ensuring that the heartbeat of the blues remains steadfast and unyielding., understands where the downbeat lives – that elusive, mystical realm where time and sound collide in a swirling vortex of syncopated mayhem.

Ever vigilant, Billy Butler stands as the steadfast protector of the rhythm, ensuring that the heartbeat of the music remains strong and unyielding, as the bass lines pulse with unwavering intensity.

Rhythmic Revelator

Gene Guth – alchemist of the beat

Arcane rhythms course through Gene’s veins serving as the lifeblood of the Butler Boys, fueling the relentless pulse of the music. He weaves a spellbinding tapestry of beats, each thunderous roll of his drums a summoning of the spirits of blues legends long since passed.

As Gene delves deeper into the rhythmic mysteries, his drumming transcends the mere act of playing, evolving into a ritualistic communion with the very soul of the blues. Every beat, every stroke, every subtle nuance reveals a hidden layer of the music.

His rhythmic incantations are invocations propelling us to the place where rhythm and groove hold court, and the relentless pulse of the music deepens our understanding of the sacred groove. 

Gene Guth (drums)
Photo by Ron Mann